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Break Room Art 4 [09 Feb 2009|04:46pm]

Today's piece of Break Room Art is inspired by the work of Go Nagai, Japanese anime legend and creator of Devilman, Cutie Honey, Mazinger Z, and many more classic shows.

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Break Room Art 3 [06 Feb 2009|04:49pm]

A gothic lolita style pic I did on my morning break, while snacking on a day-old doughnut and fruit snacks (with 100% of your daily value of Vitamin C!). Probably inspired by the music video I watched last night of Kerli's "Walking on Air."

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Break Room Art 2 [05 Feb 2009|07:58pm]

Today's Break Room Art is Ryu from Street Fighter. I've got Street Figher 4 on my brain right now. I'm so excited for it. Ryu's not my favorite character (that honor is a three way split between Dan, Blanka, and Vega), but he is iconic. I gotta remember to pre-order that Special Edition...

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Break Room Art 2/4/09 [04 Feb 2009|07:25pm]

Hey everyone. In case you didn't know, I hate my job. It's a soul-sucking, life-draining, brain-cell-killing pit of mediocrity. So I take whatever few moments I have in the day and try to salvage a bit of my self by sketching on my 15 minute work breaks. So I've decided that I'm going to start sharing some of these sketches, rather then letting them get tossed in a garbage can never to be seen again, or left to be forgotten in my car. So here's the two things I sketched today.
The first, a circus scene on the back of a receipt for orange juice and a teriyaki beef stick...

The second is a demon of some kind that I drew free form, without any idea of where I was going with it until I ended up with this, on a piece of printer paper.

That's it for today. If I doodle anything else on my breaks, I'll try to remember to post them. Later.

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Video Game MEME [19 Dec 2008|12:20am]
1) What was your FIRST video game console?
Our parents had a Odyssey, but I don't remember playing it ever, because I was way too young then. But the Atari 2600? All over it.

2) Name a few games you played on said console.
River Raid, Combat, Pac-Man, Crystal Castles, and Mario Bros, which blew my mind as a kid. Mario, on AN ATARI! Holy hell in a hand basket did I need to see that!

3) Excluding handhelds, how many VG consoles do you own presently?
Like Yuji, I'm going to include handhelds. HERE WE GO!
Game Boy, Game Boy Advance SP, DS, NES, SNES, Gamecube, Wii, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, TurboGrafix 16, PSOne, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360.

I think that's it.

4) Were you a Street Fighter nut? Any character in particular?
Indeed I am, and have been ever since my first Blanka headbite on Yuji's Chun-Li. I own multiple copies of practically every version of it, and thanks to HD Remix, I'm STILL playing it. Psyched for SF4, too.

Favorite character? Gotta be Dan.

5) Do you think Capcom is a FUCKING awesome company with kickass character designs?
Yes. Capcom has always been and still is my favorite gaming company.

6) Here's the scenario.. You had some friends over and you all ate FRIED CHICKEN! After the meal you all decide to play some video games. As your friend reaches for a controller you notice his/her hands are very "greasy." Are you the type that would insist they wash their hands before pawing the controller, or is it no big deal?
Keep your filth of my games. Be a courteous human and show some tact.

7) What's your favorite RPG/Action RPG?

I'm loving Persona 4 right now, but I'd say my favorite RPG of all time was Chrono Trigger. Played NEW GAME+ until nearly every stat was maxed.

8) Do you prefer 2D games or 3D games?
I prefer good games, no matter how many D's they have.

9) Are you an SNK fan?

9) Are you good at DDR?
Good god no.

10) Who wants to kick that dog's ass from Duck Hunt?
A lot of people probably. I always tried to shoot him and ended wasting ammo from my next round of ducks. Then I stopped playing. I didn't really like Duck Hunt.

11) Have you skipped out on important events in life because of video games?
No, but I've skipped out on work to play games sometimes.

12) Do you listen to video game music?

13) Have you ever cosplayed a VG character?
Yes I have. Went as Otacon to Otakon two years in a row.

14) Have you ever been in an arcade playing a fighting game, KICKING ASS, and then some 6 year old Asian kid comes in and OWNS YOU??
Yes. If you've ever played in an arcade, you have. If there were still arcades anywhere today, and fighting games were as popular as they once were, you probably still would.

15) Name three games you would love to see remakes of if it was done properly
Strider, the first Silent Hill, the first two original Metal Gear games. I know that's four. I don't care. I would've said Bionic Commando but Capcom went and took care of that for me. Thanks guys!

16) Mario or Sonic?
Mega Man.

17) When a movie shows up in the theaters, let's use Spider-man as an example, are you likely to buy the GAME version?
No. Only if the game manages to survive licensed game hell.

18) What is your LEAST favorite genre of video games? (ex. fighting, sports, shooters, etc.)
MMORPG's. I have yet to try one that it's boring and repetitive as fuck.

19) Is there a game out there that you feel was unique and didn't get enough love?

20) Have you ever verbally abused a game because you couldn't beat one of the levels and/or bosses?
Everyone has.

21) Do you own any VG apparel?
Lots. My current favorite is my Mega Man 9 box art shirt.

22) What are your thoughts on the live-action Super Mario Bros movie?

Never saw it. Not because it's awful, but because I would have to break my "knowingly watch a movie starring John Leguizamo" rule.

23) On that note, what did you think about the live-action Street Fighter movie?
It killed Raul Julia. Poor guy.

24) Who's hottest out of the KOF chicks?

25) Do you say "old-school" a lot when you're having a VG conversation with others?
Only when I'm talking about old school games.

26) Have you ever lent someone a game and they returned it to you damaged?
No. But I did break Razlo's PS2 and PSP. I bought him new ones. I'm not that much of a dick.

27) Do you own any imported games?
Several. Mostly fighting games. Punching people in the face is import friendly.

28) Are you ready for this meme to be over, or could you keep going?
I love talking about games, so I could keep going, but I'm getting tired.

29) In this scenario, let's pretend you're going to get a video game tattoo! What would you get and where?
Probably the WW2-styled FOX HOUND logo from Metal Gear: Solid Snake. Seeing as how I have three tattoos already, one of which is anime-related, I'll never rule out actually doing it.

30) Have you ever cried after you beat a game? If so why?
I didn't play it myself, but I watched Yuji finish the original Klonoa, and that game's ending made me weep like a bitch.
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Attention IHD Fans! Gil needs your help! [24 Aug 2008|11:09pm]

Attention all readers of I HEART Disappointment. Yours' Truly needs your help. I have some important work that I need to get drawn for some very dear people to me, so unfortunately I am not going to be able to update for a few more weeks (i gotta get my priorities straight here). I'm not going away forever, but a sabbatical is necessary.

I hate to not being able to deliver updates to you all, so I'm going to see if there's anything I can do to deliver some new content for you to enjoy in some form, but until then, I'd love it if anyone would be willing to help me out. I'm looking for IHD related fan art, guest strips, anything. Something that I can post for our weekly readers to enjoy in this time off.

So how about it? Feel free to e-mail me at gil@bizarreuprising.com

Love you all,

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Go Go Bionic! [16 Aug 2008|01:01pm]

If you have an Xbox 360 or a PS3, buy Bionic Commando Rearmed. It's what gaming is all about. It easily one of my favorite games this year.

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The Princess is in his mind, man! [12 Aug 2008|12:16am]
So I downloaded and finished Braid today on the Xbox 360. I tried the demo of it awhile back and seemed pretty cool, and nearly every reviewer says it's one of the best games ever, so I bought it. 

I don't really like it that much. I think I'm all alone in this. I found the puzzles to be increasingly frustrating about halfway through, too the point that I stopped caring and just looked up an FAQ just like the John Blow told me not to, and while I think the final level's pretty cool, I found most of the story, told in the storybooks throughout the game, to be kinda overwritten and pretentious. I figured out your major twist pretty early on, you can stop rubbing in how genius you are, thanks. 

Honestly, I think the in-game storytelling of the final level to be good enough on it's own to get the point across without needing books to start throwing in quotes from scientists from the Manhattan Project at me for no really nessecary reason. 

Oh well. I think Portal's overrated, too. Guess I'm just out of step with the gaming community.
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TEEN Meme Part 2 [05 May 2008|07:37pm]
I decided to draw a current me for comparison purposes  with the Teen MEME going around.

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The Teen MEME [04 May 2008|11:44pm]

I'd say it's fairly accurate.
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Copied and Pasted from MySpace and Suicide Girls... [24 Apr 2008|01:37am]
[ mood | awake ]

Ah, Vacation. Nothing like a completely unnessecary but fully appreciated vacation from work to make you feel relaxed for a change. So far, it's been a pretty enjoyable week. Most of Saturday and Sunday were spent putting finishing touches on that weekend's I HEART Disappointment strip. The real fun however started on Monday when Razlo, Leria, and I took a trip to T.T. The Bears in Cambridge, MA to witness live the first day of Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great Job Tour 2008. We've been big fans of their since we first bore witness to their first Adult Swim show Tom Goes the Mayor, and wanted to see them live last year, but thanks to the infamous Moonday Lite-Brite bombings of Boston last year their live show was cancelled.

It was entertaining waiting outside the club as we were standing right at the street corner, and people assumed we were the end of the line. It was fun hearing all the shocked reactions from people once they turned the corner and bore witness the extremely long line of nerds, punks, and assorted other hipsters continueing behind us. Somehow people were shocked that a comedy act with a cable TV show was drawing a lot more costumers then local bands.

Anyway, the act opened with DJ Dougg Pound, one of the audio technicians from their show doing a hilarious shitty DJ act filled with awful dance remixes, embarrassing sound samples, and probably the only funny use of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" that you'll ever hear.

Tim and Eric's Show started afterwards with a wonderful dance number that involved flesh tone jumpsuits and giant testicles. They performed many songs from their show, including several Casey and His Brother songs, Petite Feet (Feminine Step), and other joy. They showed new clips from Season 3 of Awesome Show, threw Papa John's Pizza and Hot Dogs at us, and eventually kissed each other.

I got myself a nice terrible t-shirt of theirs that I proudly wore the next day, and they were nice enough to stick around and sign promotional poster I had. Tim seemed winded and worn out after the show, but still polite, and Eric was all smiles. He's also fucking huge. We capped off the night with some Papa John's Pizza thanks to their wonderful promotion.

Tuesday I made the grueling 45-minute trek back to my old stompin' grounds of Haverhill, MA, with the air-conditioning on full blast for the first time this year, and The Distillers on my iPod keeping me driving too fast. I was mainly there to pick up a loan payment bill for my car from my parent's house that the credit union absolutely refuses to mail to me directly. But I decided to take a trip to a few nearby business for time killing.

Nearby Plaistow NH houses what is one of the last remaining independent used video game stores in the area, The Video Game Exchange. It's a fucking museum for all things game tape, especially pre-Playstation items. Old school stuff is available in spades. It permeates every corner of the building, more so then I though, which I'll get to in a minute.

Anyhow, when I was in there, a customer struck up a conversation with me about my awesomely awful Tim and Eric t-shirt. It was a joy to randomly run into another fan of their stuff.

I've been looking for a top-loading NES for a very long time, and the owner had at least five available at that moment for a little over 80 smackeroos, so I couldn't pass. We struck up a conversation about how much of a pain in the ass it is to care for old NES games, and I mentioned how my old friend Redfive05 helped me repair mine. I guess knowing Redfive made him really like me, so after he rang me up, he let me come back into the back room of the building and check out all the stuff he had back there. He had at least 10 copies of nearly every NES game imaginable (ever see 14 copies of GOTCHA! in the same place?), accessories out the yin-yang, and three bookcases worth of Atari games in the bathroom. He said all of this was probably 10% of his collection, so if you want anything, check out his website, call him, he probably has it.

I strolled into the Plaistow Wal-Mart, ran into some old coworkers of mine, shot the shit for awhile, flabergasted one of them with my new tattoos.

I hit Newbury Comics in Salem NH, and managed to find a copy of my only noteworthy celebrity crush Diablo Cody's pre-Juno book Candy Girl, which I had tried to find previously and failed miserably, as no book stores had it and Amazon.com of all places was actually SOLD OUT of. I always viewed the internet as being a magical place I could find anything. But there it was, above the compilation disc rack. Funny, I would have thought it would have been on one of the bookshelves. But whatever.

Anyway, I drove home for a delightful homemade taco dinner with my folks and cracked it open while I waited for ground beef delights. I was engrossed with it, and the only time I put it down that whole night was to eat and to drive home, as I'm not good with stuffing my face or driving at high speeds while reading. At 11:30 that night I finished it, which is quite a feet for me as I never read real books practically ever. My book shelves are filled unwatched DVD's and unfinished video games, and what few non-Daily Show related books I own are primary Japanese comic books, so yeah, you could say I'm a non-reader. But it was too fascinating to read all of her war stories from her year in various stages of adult entertainment. I know all you cool kids probably read it already two years ago, but if you haven't, and can find a copy, snag it. It's interesting, hilarious, sad, kinda creepy, really fun, and everything in between.

I actually did something I never usually do and sent her a message on her MySpace to tell her how much I enjoyed it, which I know for a fact will never be seen ever because, you know, she has movies to fucking write, and probably recieves 1000's of indistinguishable "I love you!" comments from weirdos every day, but whatever. I felt I had to.

Today, I unwound, sat down, and wrote up some information for the upcoming character profile pages of I HEART Disappointment, and read the news that the XBOX 360 is getting a NEW SPLATTERHOUSE GAME! It's being developed by the team that made the excellent and completely underappreciated Mark of Kri on the PS2. I'm excited.

So this was one huge fucking blog today, friends. But I actually had a ton of shit to write about for this week, and surprisingly, I didn't go into as much detail as I could have. I've got four more days left of my vacation, if anyone wants to shoot me a message or two, feel free, I'll be around all week unless something kick ass comes up.


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Hey man. [18 Oct 2007|06:54pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm bored so here's some Random Bullshit(tm).

I love Capcom. They've been my favorite videogame developer for ages. And this week they announced not only a new Bionic Commando game that looks all shades of cool, they also revealed that they are, indeed, currently developing Street Fighter IV! I did nerd backflips when I heard the news. I can hardly wait.

I survived a near electric fire this past weekend. My fuse box started burning, melting inside, and smoking heartily. Was not too pleased by this. A weekend without power and heat really sucks. Though I didn't die in a fire like I could of, which is great.

Got to play Harmonix's awesome new game Rock Band. Can't tell you shit about it, NDA's and all, but I think I'm allowed to say that it kicks the shit out of Guitar Hero.

I don't think I'm going to date anyone from work ever again. I think that's been a huge mistake of mine and I did it twice in a row. I guess I hoped for the best, as my best friend and his fiance met through their job, but it didn't work out too well for me. Now I feel really awkward a lot of the time.

That's all from me tonight. Later.


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Gil's Radical Funpark 2 [17 Sep 2007|05:04pm]

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Gil's Radical Funpark 1 [05 Sep 2007|04:54pm]
Hey everyone. I never write blogs barely ever. But I draw stupid shit a lot. So I've  decided that every now and then, I'm going to mash up the two into little stupid shit comic blogs called Gil's Radical Funpark. Here's the first. Another will come when I get bored and do another. 

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Wish me luck! [27 Aug 2007|11:58pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I'm sending out my resume tomorrow in the hopes of landing a graphic design job with a local newspaper. I desperately need to get out of the retail business. Wish me luck, my pals!

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The Simpsonizers Sucks [01 Aug 2007|06:36pm]

Apparantly it thinks I'm Christian Bale.

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HOLY FUCKING SHIT! [26 Jul 2007|07:32pm]

Dude, remember an old Entertain Dome comic titled Coming Soon from McFarlene Toys, TWISTED X-MAS? If not, look here.... http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/26849100/



Holy mother fucking f'ing shit. I'm a god damn prophet. Wonder if I should sue.

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HOLY FUCKING SHIT! [26 Jul 2007|07:32pm]

Dude, remember an old Entertain Dome comic titled Coming Soon from McFarlene Toys, TWISTED X-MAS? If not, look here.... http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/26849100/



Holy mother fucking f'ing shit. I'm a god damn prophet. Wonder if I should sue.

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[08 Jul 2007|03:37pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

I'm bored and confused.

That is all.

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Tweeeeeeeee [24 May 2007|10:33pm]
[ mood | restless ]

So this past Monday at my store we had a book signing. Unfortunately, the guest of honor was fucking Newt Gingrich. Fucking douche. Once the Republican Youth arrived three hours early in their Ronald Reagan t-shirts I bolted, never to go anywhere near that side of the store until he was gone. Which thankfully was a bit earlier then expected because not that many people showed up. Who would have ever thought that unpopular politicians with a book no one really gives a shit about wouldn't draw a large crowd?

Pirates 3 opens tomorrow. Going to see it on Saturday with Razlo, Yuji, and pals. I'm looking forward to it. I wonder if it will beat Spider-Man 3's opening weekend? One thing's for sure, it'll never beat the 400 million dollars Shrek 3 made thanks to Tim and Eric's grassroots marketing campaign. No one would have ever even thought of seeing it if it wasn't for them. They were right, It really was the best movie Disney ever made. Great Job!

I regret not having very much money right now, because I tried Oden Sphere today and now I really want it. My next paycheck can't come fast enough.

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